About Reindia

We as Reindia have been associated with the Real Estate industry for quite a while in our various capacities. We were attached with Builders and Developer as their Principal Consultants and also Strategists giving them valuable insight, feedback and suggestions for their properties in terms of its feasibility, design layout and architecture, for the real estate market in general and the economy at the macro level.But during our association with this industry, we felt that the real estate industry in India is unstructured to a large extent. The Indian economy is growing and we are witnessing rapid growth and industrialization in the urban Cities. Job opportunities and the desire of a good life style is luring people to migrate in these cities on a large scale resulting in the rise in demand for houses and residential properties in these areas.

The law of economics (demand and supply) is driving a lot of people to become builders and developers most of whom do not even understand the need and expectations of their customers (buyers). This leads to a gap in the expectations of a buyers and the options and choices they have before them.

We also felt the way most of the Developers function starting from the design layout of the property and each residence in particular, construction material quality, Buyer's interaction and handling of their queries, updating them on the status of their purchased property, to the final handover of the properties to its owner is quite manual and archaic. The Construction quality deteriorates, buyers inputs are ignored, the design layout are changed without informing the buyer on time, the delivery date gets extended much after the promised date of delivery initially and finally when the buyer enters his house after so much delays, he finds that he needs to shell out some more money from his pocket for a lot of repair and replacement works due to the sloppy work done by the builder.

We wanted to bring a change in this Reality business and through our work we hope to change the image of a Developer in the buyers mind. We believe that through our professional and scientific approach we can build a Home for a buyer and create value to it along with our own business growth. And so we promise to give our buyers,not merely a house but a home of their dreams,with our innovative ideas and design.

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